Dynamikode USB Security Suite

Dynamikode USB Security Suite 1.5

Protect your system from malware infections and information theft via USB

Dynamikode USB Security Suite is intended to protect your system from malware infections and information theft via USB drives. The tool is quite light and extremely easy to use. Once you have installed it, the program starts automatically with Windows and runs from the System Tray. Fortunately, you can prevent intruders from stopping the protection if you set an exit password.

The suite comes with several modules, which you can access from the different tabs in the main window. First, there is AutoRun Remover, which detects unauthorized files trying to execute from a USB drive. In such an event, the program can scan those specific files and consequently stop malware from infecting your computer.

Second, Activity Logger can keep track of all the activities related to your USB drive, such as copying, renaming and deleting files. This is an effective measure to know if somebody is stealing information from your computer. And, since it knows if a given application is making any changes, the tool is also useful to detect suspicious software. The resulting log can be exported in CSV or HTML format, a process that can be completely automated if you set the desired frequency and the location for the files. Another possibility is configuring the program to send you the log files to your email inbox at given intervals.

Third, you can actually avoid any possibility of your USB drive being infected by using the module called Immunizer. In this respect, two simple yet ingenious techniques are used. One of them is preventing the creation of an autorun.inf file, which is generally done by generating an empty file with the same name. The second technique consists in filling all the blank space in the drive with a file with exactly the same size. This way, no file can copy itself to the drive as there is no available space. However, this has the drawback that, whenever you need to copy new files, you need to delete the DriveFiller.dat file.

Finally, there is a more drastic solution called USB Locker, which works by completely disabling USB ports on your system. And, if you want to unlock those ports, you need to provide a password.

All in all, Dynamikode USB Security Suite is certainly an effective solution to stop intruders and unauthorized software from making changes to the contents stored on your USB drive. The product can be tried at no cost but only for a very limited period of time. It has two editions: Standard and Enterprise.

Pedro Castro
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  • Simple but ingenious solutions
  • Blocks USB ports
  • Detects autorun files
  • Immunizes USB drive
  • Automatic activity logging
  • Exit password to stop protection


  • Can be stopped via the Task Manager
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